Top 3 Medical Cannabis Delivery Apps On The Market!

grassp_delivery_appEver since checking out reviewing marijuana dispensaries, especially a particular San Diego marijuana delivery dispensary, it hit us: while the social stigmas still haunt the industry, within the next five years, the medical marijuana industry should see a huge boom. There are obvious ways this will happen such as the production of marijuana plants itself (when growing it becomes legal), the dispensaries themselves (doing so legally is still a challenge and the processes need to be smoothed out), as well as the technology side of things such as marijuana delivery applications (yes, you read that correct!)

List Of The Top 3 Medical Marijuana Delivery Apps!

The reasons patients take medical marijuana? A million and then some. The bottom line is that patients may not be able to pick up their prescription(s) from the dispensary so a delivery app that works for them could be a Godsend. The following is a list of some of the major marijuana delivery apps and summary regarding each. Which one fits you? You are the judge of that. Go down the list, pick one, and give it a go:

1. EAZE: Most of these apps work in a simple manner. You create an account, get verified that you are legible for prescription marijuana, and then place an order. If you need a prescription, most of these sites are partnered with a medical corporation or a doctor who can evaluate you through a live video call for an affordable price. Eaze is no different. Eaze is partnered up with local dispensaries, as most of these delivery services tend to be.

2. MEADOW: Meadow works in a very similar fashion! You go through the selection of products, select one, place your order and viola! A local delivery will be made right to your door within the hour. The verification process is typically instantaneous, though once in a while, it can take a few minutes. Again, if you don’t have a medical cannabis card, Meadow directs you to Meadow MD where you can receive an evaluation with a doctor and get things rolling (pun intended!)

3. GRASSP: Since this is “just another cannabis delivery app”, what’s so special about this one? Just like the last two, this app works in very much the same way. However, Grassp took things a little farther, which is cool in itself. Before launching the app, Grassp made themselves known to local authorities to avoid any complications. Furthermore, they even got the San Diego Sheriff’s department to approve of their drivers ahead of time. Talk about smoothing out the process as much as possible for the best delivery experience possible.

In Conclusion…

Yes, while all three delivery apps are similar and claim a solid customer service, the only way to find out which one works out for you is to try each one. Truthfully, you might like one over the other due to the way they handle customer service issues, just like any provider in any other field. Another useful app to consider is WeedMaps, though it is more of a review site than anything else. Either way, test away!