Growth for Chicago Economy Hinges on Small Tech Companies

Chicago is American’s third largest city, often loving called the “Second City” because it usually plays second fiddle to NYC.  Nonetheless it is an increasingly important aspect of the overall economy of the US. Recent worries have started to surface about Chicago’s economic future, and this is paired with a bit of optimism about tech companies in general.  This article details some of the intricacies of Chicago’s technical outlook and potential future endeavors.

With the recent “recovery” from the fallout of the financial crisis in 2008, tech companies have largely been the driver of growth, and many of those technology companies are of the smaller variety.  Larger companies (the mega goliath, titans of industry types) have recently been falling victim to corporate mergers and are quickly being eat up and conglomerated by foreign forces.  This is a scary prospect for local interests, and as such many have rested their hopes of economic growth on the smaller tech-savvy business of the midwest.

This makes sense, since smaller companies have always been the driver of economic activity in the country and through-out the world.  It also makes sense because the future will most certainly be comprised and controlled by a few innovated and motivated smaller companies that eventually make it big.  At one time, Microsoft was a small start up out of Seattle, now, decades later, they remain Seattle’s 4th largest employer.  It’s sort of like prospecting for gold, or venture capital, you have to hedge your bets on the future, and smaller companies on where to do this.

Increased Need for IT Support

Computer IT ServicesWith this increase in hope and rise in the popularity of local tech companies comes the increased need for local tech support services and IT support.  Companies like SolveMyPC IT services have taken to providing for these services for both companies and residential customers.  The increased economic activity in Chicago and the surrounding areas has made the past few years extremely active for the niche, and it doesn’t show any real signs of slowing.

Computer help desks and other services are in high demand, and there is an increasing trend of “re-shoring”, i.e. bringing services back from overseas.  The new tech support services are largely found here at home, and local companies providing service for the local community is a trend that most everyone can get behind (it is the main source of economic activity for most all cities in the U.S.)

The Future is Now

For nearly 100 years the world has worked on paper and mechanical devices, but that started to shift with the advent of the computer and, more prominently, with the advent of the Internet.  As the older generation wanes and the newer generation comes into dominance, we are started to see the final shift to a tech savvy culture.

The future is now, as it were.  Tech has started to come into full blossom and the years ahead will see a cementing of the Internet and high tech products into the ecosystem of the American economy.  The older folk that have been the head of the resistance movement are moving into retirement and old-age, and the younger generation is fully comfortable with more high tech devices.  This means that sooner, rather than later, nearly 100% of the population will be interacting with each other and performed purchases and other economic activity with computers, tables and other devices.  This means that the need for IT support and technical expertise is going to grow right along with it.


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