It’s Not All About Building Links!

old lady h1 tagsMost people think that search engine optimization and marketing is all about building links (which falls under off-site SEO); however, this is not the complete picture. Any online marketer who knows his stuff will tell you that on-site optimization is equally important and if your website rankings are stuck no matter how many high quality links you have built, well then, you know where the problem is.

If you dig deeper into what on site optimization is about, you will realize that it is the foundation of any good SEO strategy. Following is a checklist of on site optimization you should follow to a tee for an effective campaign:

  • Creating Relevant Content: You can’t build a website about kitchen appliances and fill it up with cat memes. That might be an apparent duh to most of you, but it’s a major offense I see all the time, surprisingly! When you create content about your main topic, the search engines “realize” (using their fancy schmancy algorithm!) what your website is about. Imagine that! So, if your site is about kitchen appliances, by all means, talk about different products such as fridges, microwaves, ovens, and various brands associated with each.
  • Don’t Create A Thin Site: So many people create a website and slap a few hundred words on it and expect it to rank. This has become known as slapping a “thin” site together, meaning it contains little to no content. Let’s say that you somehow got the site to rank and you have visitors on your site. More than likely, most of these visitors will leave your site in a jiffy if you don’t provide them with great content. If you were looking up reviews of microwaves and click on a site that claims it does just that… and all you see is one review. Guess what? You are about to click on the “back” button and go to another site… right? Build out your site well!
  • Do NOT Practice Keyword Stuffing: For what it’s worth, do not practice keyword stuffing! This means that if your site is about cars and all you do is use your main keyword (suppose it is “cars”!) all over your pages, you will get slapped with a penalty by the search engines sooner or later. A few years ago, keyword stuffing used to work wonders. These days? Not so much. Use words and synonyms as they would make sense for a human reader.
  • Use Images & Videos: Definitely use relevant images and videos throughout the site. The more varied types of content, the better in the eyes of Google, Bing, and other search engines. If uploading your own images, make sure to fill out the “alt” tag!!!
  • Fill Out The Meta Tags: No matter how debatable this has become, it won’t take you anymore than a couple of minutes to fill out the meta tags. Meta tags tell the search engine what the website is about. Some SEOs think this is unnecessary but why debate something that is so easy to do?!

This isn’t all there is to on site SEO but this is a good head start. To learn more, contact SEO company Sunshine Coast for great tips that can help you in the long run.

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